Top Lean/Lock Scores
Updated Hourly
1 Owen Hughes 47,155
2 Patrick O. Young 46,280
3 Jean-Michel Laprise 45,677
4 Doug Dudek 45,597
5 Lou Silvers 45,515
6 Cory Conrad 45,515
7 Jimmy Sunshine 45,445
8 David Michaels 45,285
9 Anonymous 45,230
10 Max Levine 45,220

You get 15 points for every day — that is, every full 24 hours — you have leaned to the winning candidate and 20 points for each day you have locked to that candidate. Scoring began at 11:59 p.m. Eastern on August 15. The player who accumulates the most points on election night wins.

But since that's a long time to wait for results, we'll also be computing your score every day based on's aggregated polls. Think of this score, which does not figure in the final tally, as an approximate sense for how you'd do if the election were held today and the polls were all correct.

For more details, see the How to Play tab.

Number of Players: 9,494
Average Score: 24,306
Median Score: 26,232